How To Not Overspend On Groceries

I am guilty of soooo many of these!

Here are a few things that lead to spending too much when grocery shopping:

  1. Shopping without a grocery list. That can lead to you buying foods you don't need.
  2. Not planning meals before you shop. Planning ahead will keep you from buying things you may not use.
  3. Shopping while hungry. Shopping with an appetite can tempt you to put things you don't really need or want into your cart. 
  4. You buy items at the ends of grocery aisles. Supermarkets put them there so they stand out and shoppers will think they're something special and be unable to resist. 
  5. Purchasing only the priciest cuts of meat. It's OK to splurge occasionally, but cheaper cuts may take more preparation but generally have more flavor. 
  6. Buying groceries with a credit card. You could spend twice what the cash customer does.
  7. Opting for ready-made meals at the market. These can cost more than twice as much as the same meal would have if it had been made at home. 
  8. Not using coupons. That could mean you will miss out on hundreds in savings over a year.
  9. You don't belong to supermarket loyalty programs. Yes, you avoid being tracked but you miss out on savings.
  10. You let food spoil and have to throw it out. Poor shopping and meal planning can cost a family of four up to almost $200 a month. 

**FYI: Food is the No. 3 expense for the average family in the U.S.

photo credit: Getty Images