LOL, Cardi B Filmed Herself Screaming Through Yet Another Bikini Wax

Cardi B loves a good bikini wax, however, she can't stand the pain that comes with it.

Earlier this week, the "I Like It" rapper blessed fans with yet another inside look at one of her waxing sessions, and, of course, it included Cardi screaming at the top of her lungs in complete agony.

As she's shown in previous videos of her waxing sessions, Cardi does not do well with pain and this time was no exception as she experienced her first-ever body wax with hard wax.

"I'm scared — no, no, no, no," she told the waxer in one Instagram Story clip. "Wait, can we wash it off?"

Despite her hesitation, the waxer ripped off the wax causing Cardi to start freaking out. While her screams were mixed laughter, the Bronx native was clearly caught off-guard by the pain. At one point, Cardi sat up to see the waxing progress, which seemed to soothe her as she calmly said, "Ooh, cute."

Cardi's hair removal session concluded with few more screams mixed with laughter as the waxer made their way down Cardi's legs.

However, that wasn't the end to Cardi's grooming process. On Monday (July 6), she took to Instagram to document her intimate area bleaching session.

"I am bleaching my f**king cootie cat," Cardi said on her Instagram Story. "Sometimes we just quick shave and everything and it just get your vagina a little bit dark. I don't believe in body bleaching, I just believe in underarm or like your vagina, maybe your a**hole."

The "Press" rapper's latest Instagram overshare isn't the first time (or the second or third) she's let fans in on her intimate beauty routine. Back in April, Cardi shared multiple videos of herself getting waxed while wearing a KN95 mask.

“Today is pain day," Cardi captioned the first clip of the three-part video, which showed her screaming in absolute agony. At one point, she asked for "the nail lady" to come hold her hand as she prepared for another strip of hair to be waxed.

Photos: Getty Images/Instagram

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