Michelle Money’s Daughter Recalls Terrifying Near-Fatal Accident

Michelle Money’s daughter, Brielle, is speaking about her near-death experience for the first time.

It’s been almost two months since Brielle suffered a terrifying skateboarding accident that landed her in the ICU, and merely weeks since she was officially cleared to return home.

Last night (May 19), the mother-daughter duo came together in a 14-minute Instagram Live video to discuss Brielle’s scary incident and how she’s doing today. “We thought we would cover the most common questions Brielle gets asked!” Michelle captioned the clip. “We will try to get to more of them in the next few months! This kid continues to amaze us every day! Thanks again for all the support!”

As the Bachelor star revealed, it’s been seven weeks since Brielle was first hospitalized in late-March. Things hadn’t always looked so good for the 15-year-old’s recovery process, which involved doctors having to remove fluid from her brain. In the time that's passed since her “miracle” recovery, however, a smiling Brielle said she’s “doing so good.”

Michelle later explained that her daughter recently tested out of physical therapy, as Brielle added, “Now I just have occupational therapy and speech therapy.”

Although Brielle admitted not remembering every detail of the skateboarding incident, she recalled the accident as best she could. “So I was riding on my longboard, up in the mountains. I was going down a really steep hill and I went over one of the manhole sewer things,' she started.

“From what I've heard, I lost my balance and fell,” Brielle said, to which Michelle added, “She hit the cement and she hit it so hard that it pushed the brain from her right side into her left side.”

Apparently, there were rumors suggesting Brielle was struck by a car — rumors Michelle denied.

As Michelle recalled, Brielle had just left her house for her “first run,” and 15 minutes later she looked outside to see Brielle and noticed her neighbor on the phone, calling 911 unbeknownst to her. Michelle assumed Brielle had “broke her ankle” or “sprained her wrist” but when she arrived at her side, her daughter was unconscious. After revisiting security footage from that day, Michelle found out Brielle was unconscious for 13 minutes before neighbors found her.

Elsewhere in the clip, Brielle admitted that while she doesn’t even recall being in a coma, she’s been “improving day by day, at a really fast rate too, it’s been great.”

Watch the full clip below.

Photo: Instagram/Michelle Money

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