Jamie Lynn Spears Addresses Rumors That Britney Is Retiring From Music

Jamie Lynn Spears is making her acting return in Netflix's new series, Sweet Magnolias, and along with the promo circuit for the film came some talk about older sister, Britney.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the comeback kid, 29, revealed that her superstar sister, 38, isn't making music at the moment, but has no plans to retire from the business entirely. "Right now, she's quarantining in L.A. But, in general, she's kind of just relaxing. And I think that's good. Britney deserves that. She's worked her ass off," the younger Spears explained. "So if she wants to make another album, great. But if she doesn't feel like it, she doesn't have to. She's given the world a lot. I don't think there are plans for anything -- at the moment."

Jamie Lynn continued on with her explanation, admitting that her sibling is just trying to take quarantine day-by-day. "When she wants to make music, she'll make it. I don't think you can ever retire someone from their passion," she added.

Spears' son recently admitted that his mother has contemplated quitting music, a claim that her longtime manager made in 2019. Meanwhile, a source close to the pop titan admitted that her lack of new music is directly affiliated with her pushback on her highly suspicious conservatorship, which gives her father, Jamie Spears, control of her multi-million dollar estate, any personal affairs and day-to-day tasks since 2008.

The interview for the new Netflix series arrived on the heels of the 20th anniversary of Oops!... I Did It Again, which Jamie Lynn also described as the best time of her life. "All of the highlights run through my head like a movie montage,” she said. “Before Oops! came out, I was like, 'My sister sings, that's so cool.' But after that album was released, that's when it really clicked for me that she was on her way to becoming an icon. With Oops!, Britney really came into her own, who she was as a young woman, and she was getting to share that with the world."

As for whether B understands the impact she’s had on millennial culture, it seems that she’s far from concept. "She waves me off and is just like, 'Whatever, whatever, whatever.' But I still try to explain that to her," she admitted. "People always ask me, 'Is there a lot of pressure being related to Britney, someone who is an icon?' And the answer is no, not really. If anything, it's an honor to be the sibling of someone who worked very hard and created a dream and a legacy that will last forever."

"I'm so proud of Britney for everything that she's been able to accomplish and the impact she's had, not just on pop music but the industry as a whole," she continued. "And the best part about being a living legend is that it's not finished. There's always more to come."

Photo: Getty Images

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