Maybe You Can Get Her/Him This For Valentines Day

HOLY MOLY! Adults will consume 7,560 chocolate bars, 2,268 slices of chocolate cake and 8,316 chocolate chip cookies during their lifetime.

A study also found the average person will also indulge themselves with 3,024 mugs of hot cocoa, 126 Easter eggs and feast on 2,898 miniature chocolates over the course of their life.

I have to come clean with you if you don't know me that well ... I haven't eaten any form of chocolate since the 90s. Why?? Because I'm a migraine sufferer and it may be a trigger. Dangit!

But when it comes to the favorite chocolate bar, specifically, Snickers is tops.

The top 5 include:

1. Snickers

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk

3. Kit Kat

4. Twix

5. Mars Bar

photo credit: Getty Images