6 Simple Ways To Help A Teacher This School Year!

6 Simple Ways You Can Help a Teacher This School Year 

Teachers always go above and beyond when it comes to our kids. So why not help and give back to a Teacher this year? Here are some great ways to help out!

1.Participate in #clearthelists: Just head to Twitter or Facebook and enter the hashtag “clearthelists,” which will populate a stream of posts from teachers who’ve included a link to their Amazon wish list. 

2.DonorsChoose.org: This national program allows individuals to help fund projects set up by teachers, ranging anywhere from specialized equipment and supplies to field trips and events.

3.AdoptAClassroom.org: Like the above, AdoptAClassroom.org allows anyone to connect with a local teacher (and recently a school at-large) to fund that teacher’s specific classroom needs. Each participating teacher has created a unique page that outlines their current classroom needs, specifies how donations will be allocated, and has a set monetary goal. 

4.CharityNavigator.org: Charity Navigator works similarly to DonorsChoose.org and AdoptAClassroom.org, only it operates on a much broader scale. If your end-goal is to help teachers, narrow your charity preference to education once you get to the website. From there you can support education efforts in various capacities, including early childhood programs, special education, and even education policy and reform.

5.Seek out local donation programs: Many districts, cities and states have donation programs that people can participate in. A great place to start is by calling your local public schools, or the district office, and asking them to direct you to existing programs in your area. It’s also worth noting that many states also allow residents to make tax-deductible donations to public schools. 

6.Be a rogue angel: Silicon Valley has its high-powered angel investors, but you don’t have to have millions to make a difference. A small donation gifted directly to a local teacher you know can go a long way.

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