John Tesh has been bringing his Intelligence For Your Life to the Central Valley every afternoon from 3pm to 7pm since 2006. John, his wife Connie Sellecca, and co-host Gib Gerard, discuss everything from secrets for improving your relationships, to the best tricks that can boost your brainpower, and even tips to keep your pets happy and healthy. 
John explains the original inspiration for the show was Connie, a prolific actress, whose nightstand was covered with magazines and articles waiting to be read; “we wanted to create a show for people like her, who don’t have the time read all that, but are truly interested in being better in everything they do.”  He says “it’s all geared at motivating listeners to move forward... it’s all about passion and purpose.”  John believes if he can help save someone’s relationship, encourage a listener to go to the doctor and get checked out, or inspire with an interesting insight to a little known fact, he’s done his job.
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