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(Yahoo!) - With the Super Bowl this Sunday, "The Insider" co-anchor Kevin Frazier and Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams have been running all over the Big Apple, covering the best events leading up to the big game.

From chatting with halftime show performer Bruno Mars to "Full House" alums John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier, who reunited for a Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial that will be aired during the game, they've done it all. That also includes getting Seahawks and Broncos players to sing Destiny's Child songs. (Yes, we're serious!)

At a press conference Thursday, Bruno Mars told Michelle how he's preparing for his big performance.

"It's cold, that's the surprise," he said. "We just started rehearsing two nights ago and you never know what you're going to expect. When we got out there, there's a lot of things that happen, like, the microphone turns into a popsicle."

Meanwhile, the "Full House" guys don't seem to be having too much trouble braving the cold because their commercial is hot, hot, hot! Everyone's favorite '90s dad and uncles are back together and told Kevin all about what it was like to work together after 20 years.

"I think for us it was really more about the experience of being able to play together and have fun and do something," Dave said. And Bob chimed in, "It’s just a lot of playing around."

Check out this video to see how the Seahawks and Broncos did finishing the lyrics to all the best Destiny's Child songs (hint: they did really well), and tune in to "The Insider" on TV tonight for all of the latest in entertainment news!